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Fractal Gaming DayZ Community!

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Join the discord for all the latest updates.

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A very hardcore, custom made map with reduced loot and very harsh conditions.

PlayerSlots: 50 (For now)

Whitelist: No
Map: YIPRIT 2.0

  1. Global In-game Chat / Discord - Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated. - No spam or self-promotion advertisements, etc. This includes DMing fellow members. - English only in main chat and Discord (voice chats can be used for any language) - Never pretend to be an admin, you will be banned instantly

    2. Building / Bases - No bases allowed in or up to 400m of police stations or medical buildings! - No building outside the map border, you will see where the border is. We will immediately delete it and will not refund items! PVP - pvp is enabled everywhere on the map. If you get killed, tough luck buddy try again.

    3. Exploits / Glitching / Cheating - Glitching / exploiting the game of any kind will get you permanently banned. ie glitching bases, duping items etc - Cheating will obviously get you permanently banned. - Just don't do it - All bans will be added globally for other servers to discover. 

Donation Jar


donations of £10 and above will go towards the upkeep of the server and will get you priority queue for a month. THAT IS ALL

There will be no buying ingame items (base building, weapons, ammo etc) so please do not ask.
Aswell as getting priority, your donations will go directly to keeping the server alive.

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About Our Community

Were back for update 2.0!


The whole feel of the map is centered towards a very difficult / realistic survival game mode.
All trading, politics, territory and economy will be player controlled.
Base building will also be custom (very similar to the Arma 2 DayZ origins mod)

Staff Team: 

More information will be available when the map and all the features become available in a testing environment that WILL be whitelist approved

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